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Check out the new video

that I’ve been working on with the help of some creative and talented individuals. For the soulful singer Paa Kofi Music

Liked the music and video? Make sure you stay updated, subscribe, like and support this artist if you want to hear and see more. 


Twitter/soundcloud and FB @PaaKofiMusic

youtube: artistpaakofi

video and edit: Rijko Fernandez & Chris Wormhoudt


School video assignment make 1 minute video portrait of a class mate who grew up in the city where you grew up. Here is the portrait I made.

Feliciana - Boogieman

Check out the new video of Feliciana - “Boogie Man”

That I shot, edited and directed. let me know what you think. And feel free to share :)

Artist: Feliciana 

Filmed/directed & edited: Rijko Fernandez

Assistant director & styled: Angelique Ordiales

Additional editing: Chris Wormhoudt

Your music takes you..